Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skepticism/Stormcrowfleet/Red Stream Records/1995 CD Review

Skepticism are a band from Finland that are one of the piooners of a style known as funeral doom metal and this is a review of their classic 1995 album "Stormcrowfleet" which was released by Red Stream Records.

Drums are very slow beats with no fast playing or blast beats while the keyboards are very dark and atmospheric sounding wih a dark ambient feel, as for the bass playing it is all rhythm bass that is all slow riffing that follows the guitars.

Guitars are all slow doom metal riffs with no fast playing or leads being utilized while the vocals are deep death metal grwls, as for the lyrics they cover Finnish Mythology and paganism such as the Kavella which is a very long poem/novel that has also been called Finland's answer to The Odyssey.

Production on this which was produced by Skepticism during May of 2005, sounds very dark while retaining a very professional feel.

In my opinion this was a very good album from Skepticism that stills sounds very havy, evil and dark even to this day, and if you are a fan of brutal atmospheric doom metal you should have this album in your collection.

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