Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Wakedead Gathering/Tenements Of Ephermera/Dark Descent/Skeleton Plague Records/2010 Cassette Review

The Wakedead Gathering are a one man band from Cincinatti, Ohio that plays a brutal form of doom/death metal and this is a review of their 2010 album "Tenements Of Ephemera" which was released as a joint effort between Dark Descent and Skeleton Plague Records.

Drums use a good amount of variety with slow slow to midpaced drumming along with alot of fast playing and brutal blast beats being utilized while the bass playing has a very dark sounding tone with a good mixture of slow and fast riffs that follow the guitars.

Rhythm guitars combine slow doom/death metal riffs that are very heavy and brutal sounding with alot of midpaced and fast death metal riffs that are rooted in the early to mid 90's era with a small amount of a black metal influence, while the lead guitars are very distorted sounding guitar solos that are influenced by the darkest elements of early 90's death metal which also has a slow trippy and doomy feel at times.

Vocals are deep death metal growls with some high pitched growls being utilized at times that have some black metal influences while the lyrics cover some very dark topics, as for the production it has a very raw and heavy feel that makes all of the musical instruments sound very dark and brutal.

In my opinion The Wakedead Gathering are a very good doom/death metal band that theys in the early 90's vein and if you are a fan of this style you should add this album to your collection. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Black Foundry" "Wasps From The Chamber Of The Divine" and "Beyrayed By False Hopes". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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