Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Svarrogh/Defil Des Ames/Arnica/Ahnstern/2009 CD Compilation Review

This is a compilation album with Bulgaria's Svarrogh, Greece's Defile Des Ames and Portugal's Arnica which was released by Ahnsttern during the year of 2009 and we are going to review the songs one by one.

Defile Des Ames starts of the album with "The Banner Of Vanity" wa song that ues an accordian, accoustic and electric guitar, spohen word parts with a good amount of aggression that are about Greek Mythology and a slight avant garde feel that brings a dark element to the music and this is a good song to start an album with.

Svarrogh brings us "The Wheel Of Dazhbog" a dark sounding neo-folk song that uses a great amount of accoustic guitars with a dark avant garde feel, clean singing vocals with lyrics about Slavic and Bulgarian Paganism, another great song from this band.

Arnica brings us "Lliguea De Besties" and "Marxa Dels Camperols" 2 tribal shamanistic neo-folk songs that are very dark and ritualistic with spoken word passages that are in Portugueese.

Svarrogh brings us "Life water Ktynitsa" a song that utilizes alot of accoustic guitars and folk instruments along with clean singing vocals mixed in with a little bit of a black metal edge to the more aggressive vocals that keep up with the Pagan concept from this band and this is another good song on this compilation.

Arnica brings us "Dona Que Plora" and "Falc En Alt" 2 other good songs that keep up with ritualistic sounding tribal neo-folk sound.

Svarrogh returns with "Yarilo's Return" another great song from this Pagan Neo-Folk band.

Defile Des Ames brings us "Ordo Ab Chao" which is another dark sounding neo-folk song that contains an avant garde and slight industrial feel to the song with some dark sounding clean singing female choirs.

Arnica closes the album with "Darrer Ale" which has a ver dark, avant garde and ritualistic feel.

In my opnion this is a great split that would be a great addition to any neo-folk collection and Svarrogh has the best music on this split. RECEMMONDED BUY.

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