Friday, September 23, 2011

Try Redemption Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?
Yes. Try Redemption formed from two high school bands: Undecided and Kismet. We all went to the same high school so things came together quick and easy when the 5 of us decided to jam. Before we knew it, teethwere lost, hair was falling out, kids had been had, and now we're fatand old!But seriously we've played together since 2000 and retained the same line up throughout. We've played shows from Seattle, to Texas, toMilwaukee, to Pennsylvania and been lucky enough to share the stage with many of our childhood influences: Testament, DRI, Nuclear Blast, Exodus,Deicide, Cephalic Carnage, Jag Panzer, etc..

.2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?
We usually like other people to describe our sound because when we writesongs, we don't typically try to sound like anybody. Our individual tastes in music is pretty wide and we like to think that comes through in our songs.

3. Are there any plans for a tour?
You buying? We get out as much as we can, but sometimes can't afford much past the weekend warrior thing...

4. Have you recieved any label interest?
Yes, but many of the labels have been small and weren't able to offermore than what we were doing on our own. We've also been prettyscrutinous of contracts we've received and it seems like that has scareda couple labels off...

5. How would you describe your musical progress over the years, I havenoticed that your newer stuff is alot heavier than the cd's you gave meat a couple of shows a few years back?
I think that songwriting-wise, it's much easier to write stuff on thefly as a band now. Before, one or two of us would bring a few riffs or awhole songs to practice, but now we come up with most everythingtogether. Plus we practice with a metronome which makes it much easier to get tight on songs with the quickness.

6. What are some of the best shows the band has played?
The Louder, Harder, Faster fesitval in Allentown, PA in 2005 wasprobably the most fun we've had. All the bands were put up in a fourstar hotel and fed and taken care of real well. The original line up of Testament played that show too so we're grateful to have been a part of it.But sometime the best shows are the local ones where everyone is just inthe mood to tear shit up. We've always thought it would be cool to hear the crowd scream lyrics and stuff back at us so when we play at home,and everyone screams, "DIRTY, FILTHY, FUCKING, WHORE!" with Hammer, it'sthe best shit ever!

7. What releases have you put out so far?
2003 - Confessions of a Tortured Soul2005 - Prey For Us Sinners2008 - Resurrection of Reason

8. What role does Anti-Christianity play in the music?
Not so much in the music - meaning it doesn't really influence the riffs and stuff - we kind of have a "live and let live" mentality. But Hammerwrites about it when he's in the mood... Lately, his lyrics have beenmore on the death/gore side...

9. What are some of the band's main influences music wise or non musicwise?
Like I said earlier, our musical interests are pretty widespread. From Pantera to 80's hair metal and obscure 80's pop stuff, to 70's rock andfunk, to Edward's beats (techno/Industrial). And we all enjoycontemporary metal: Cannibal, Amon Amarth, The Faceless...Non-music wise: Nintendo... sweet Christ Nintendo! Good beer (everyoneloves a Hefe!) LOTRO, South Park, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great's an awesome show... they do a great job... SpongeBob, CartoonNetwork, Harry Potter, Delorians, D&D, Bob and Tom, the good ol' collegetry, too much to list here..

10. What are you listening to nowadays and what good bands would you recommend?
Daigle has been listening to the hell out of the last Faceless CD. James- Sonata Artica. John - Informatik.We would recommend Scalafrea, Kastigation, and Khrinj.

11. What are some good books or films that you would recommend?
Harry Potter series (books and movies), Lord of the Rings (the movies),Cannibal, Orgazmo, Baseketball, South Park the movie, Team America,Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(movie), Back to the Future series, The Matrix, The original Exorcist(book and movie).

12. How would you compare the metal scene in Colorado Springs to Denver?
The bands seem to get along better in Colorado Springs... maybe there's just fewer bands here though... There's many more places to play in Denver and the population is more... but we've always enjoyed ColoradoSprings. We've been asked if we've ever considered moving to Denver and we haven't. We've lived in Colorado Springs our whole lives so this ishome.

13. Any final words?
Choerl! Pro. Thanks for the interview... and go to

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