Monday, January 23, 2012

Monarch/Omens/At A Loss Recordings/2012 CD Review

Monarch are a band from France that plays a funeral dirge style of sludge/drone/doom metal and this is a review of their 2012 album "Omens" which was released by At A Loss Recordings.

Drums are all slow playing with no fast drumming or blast beats, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful tone with sludge/drone riffs that dominate throughout the recording, as for the synths sound effects they bring a dark feeling to the music with an experimental ambient feel.

Rhythm guitars are all sludge/drone/funeral/doom metal riffs that are very dark and heavy sounding with a good amount of distortion and dark sounding melodies and there are no guitar solos or leads present on this recording.

Vocals are all high pitched female screams with some clean singing, while the lyrics cover dark themes, as for the production it has a very dark and heavy sound to it.

In my opiniom Monarch are a very great sounding drone/sludge/funeral doom metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Black Becomes The Sun". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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