Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mit Fester Hand/Allerseelenlieder/Ahnstern/2011 CD Compilation Review

This is a review of a tibute album to Allerseelen a MArtial Industrial/Neo_Classical band from Switzerland called "Mit Fester Hand-Allerseeleneder" which was released by Ahnstern in 2011 and we will review the songs one by one.

Ernte brings us "Santa Sangre" a very dark martial industrial song.

Next up is Tyr-Keis with Ernting" a martial industrial song that also utilizes neo-folk elements, noise effects and heavy guitars.

Next up is Haberfeild with "Olle Lust wui Ewigkeit" a militant neo-folk song that has a dark gothic rock feeling to it.

Next up is Die Weisse Rose with "Flamme" a very dark sounding militant martial industrial song.

Next up is Fanes with "Sonne Golthi-Ade" a very dark neo-folk song that utilizes some electric guitars and distortion.

Next up is Sagittarius with "Musa" a very dark sounding neo-folk/gothic rock hybrid song with some whispered vocals.

Next up is Scivias with "Idun" a very dark and heavy martail industrial song that has neo-folk music elements in it.

Next up is Frakmundt with "Firnfouskamerad" a very dark sounding neo-folk song that utilizes a variety of many different instruments.

Next up is Hrefnesholt with "Herbstlied" a very dark martial industrial song that utilizes some heavy and distorted guitars.

Next up is O Paradis with Marques de Pubol" a very dark experimental gothic rock sounding with a good amount of spoken word parts to it.

Next up is Blood Axis and Sangre Cavallum with their take on "Sonne Golthi-Ade" and they add more instruments and martial parts to this dark neo-folk song.

Next up is Sturmpercht with "Sturmlied" a very dark neo folk song with some agressive whispered vocals and tribal percussion.

Next up is Larnakh with "Knistern" a very dark sounding avant garde ambient/experimental music song that also utilizes alot of neo-folk elements.

Next up is Arnica with "Foc de Salamandara" a very dark sounding martial neo-folk music song that has a shaman like ritualistic feeling and harsh whispered vocals.

Next up is Klammheim with "Allerseelen" a song that mixes neo-folk with martial industrial, in addition there are some heavy and distorted guitars along with some female vocals.

Next up is Der Arbeiter with "Flama" a song that mixes neo-folk with some dark sounding avant garde effects.

Next up is Der Feuerkreiner with "Feuersalamander" a very heavy martial industrial song that mixes in elements of neo-classical music and gothic rock.

Next up is Cawatana with "Heliges Blut" a very dark sounding neo-folk music song with a great amount of acoustic guitars.

Next up is Svarrogh with "Heliges Blut" a dark sounding folk/metal song that also has a black metal influence to it.

Closing the album is Allerseelen with "Mit fester Hand" a very dark and heavy sounding martial industrial song that is probably more dark than most of the songs on this compilation.

In my opinion this is a great compilation and if you are a fan of Allerseelen, martial industrial, dark ambient and neo-folk, you should add this recording to your collection. RECOMMENDED BUY.

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  1. This review is awful. Pointless, with lot of mistakes. Have you written it only for a free promo copy?!