Monday, March 7, 2011

Thou Shalt Suffer/Somnium/Candlelight Usa/2001 CD Review

Thou Shalt Suffer was a side project from Ihsahn best known for his work with legandary Norwegian black metal band Emperor, Pecattum, as well as his sole work which started out as being death metal and evolved into a neoclassical project and this is a review of their 2001 album "Somnium" which was released by Candlelight USA.

Synths on this album are very heavily influenced by classical music as well as dark ambient and some noise/industrial music and they have a very haunting sound while the vocals sound like Gregorian chants with some screaming as for the female vocals they sound very operatic.

Lyrics on this album are written in latin while the production on this album which was recorded and mixed sporadically at Symphonique Studio between 1993 and 1999 sounds very professional and has a very dark avant garde feel to it.

In my opinion Thou Shalt Suffer are a very good band for this style of music and if you are a fan of neo classical as well as Cold Meat Industry type stuff or even the more symphonic elements of black metal you should add this album to your collection. RECOMMENDED BUY

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