Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wolfmangler-Self Titled/ Aurora Borealis Records/2007 CD Review

Wolfmangler-Self Titled/ Aurora Borealis Records/2007

Wolfmangler is a project consisting of 6 members from the country of Poland and I would describe their music as black/folk/dark ambient and this is a review of their album.

Drums are slow throughout the recording which gives the music a military type beat,while the bassoon sounds dark and conjures up visions of the dark pagan gods. as for the flute it has a really deep sound that sounds very haunting.

Bass guitars on this recording are both electric and acoustic and they have a really dark sound while the vocals have a black metal influence and at times there are spoken word parts, as for the production on this cd which was recorded at 1502 Merry Orts sounds really good and you can hear all of the instruments.

The cd did not come with a copy of the lyrics but by judging by the song titles and music itself they seem to be about the Slavic gods and paganism, and at times they seem to be doing rituals to the music. In my opinion this is a good release and I would advise everybody to pick up or order a copy of this cd. HIGLY RECOMMENDED.

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