Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pagan Folk And Apocalyptic Psychedelia/Steinkland/2009 CD Compilation Review

This is a review of the Pagan Folk and Apocalyptic Psychedelia compilatiom released by Steinklang in 2009 and we are going to review the songs one by one.

Tethrippon start of the compilation with their song "Andreios" which mixes neo-folk with neoclassical and neo-folk and this song is very epic and atmospheric sounding with the lyrics being about Greek Gods and mythology.

Vinterriket brings us "Bergtal" which is a good mixture of psychedelic neo-folk and dark ambient being combined in this song to create a relaking atmosphere and a very good song.

Sturmpercht brings us "Das letzte Zapfenmanderi" which is a very good European sounding Pagan Neo-Folk song that brings you back to the Pre Christian days.

Arnica brings us "Tu miedo" which is a very good dark ambient/neo-folk song that calls up the Basque Gods.

Falkenstein brings us "Kraftort" which is a graet Pagan Neo-Folk song that brings back the medievel times that calls up the Norse and Germanic Gods and Goddesses.

Allerseelen changes the pace of this compilation with their song "Sturmlied" which is a great excercise of an experimental/dark industrial song.

A Challenge Of Honour brings back the folk musiic on this albu, with the song "Angkor" which is a very Apocalyptic neo-Folk song with a great sense of songwriting about an ancient city.

Sangre Cavallum brings us "chin glin din" which is a great European soundinf folk song that brings up memories of a dark and distance past.

Werkraum brings us "La marmotte' which is a graet folk song with beautiful female vocals that sound like a Goddess with some powerful flutes and accordians.

Defile Des Ames brings us a different sound with their song "trivial" which has a very heavy dark industrial tone and vocals that are almost black metal influenced but keeping the neo-folk element in their song.

The Joy of Nature brings the music back to a lighter dimension with their song "Trivial" which is a great psychedelic neo-folk song with some female vocals that are very New Age orientated.

Jahrtal brings us "Kieines verlorenes Kind" which is a very good nature orientated sounding neo-folk song that features a great combination of male and female clean singing vocals.

Nebelkorona brings us "Baumgespenster" which is a very great psychedelic neo-folk song with a tragic sounding piano and a feel 0f mid 60's to earlt 70's progressive added to this song.

Hrossharsgrani brings the compilation to a more darker feel with their song "Countess Bathory" which is a very dark sounding song with a neo-classical feel.

Svarrogh brings us "Life water Krynista" which is a great dark pagan/neo-folk song that calls us the ancient Balkan Gods and there is a slight black metal influence in this song.

Once A Barge brings us "Kristall" which mixes neo-classical with neo-folk and the song is very powerful sounding.

Jannerwein brings us "Klage" which is a great sounding nature orientated neo-folk song.

Klammheim closes the compilation with their song "Schwarzweisse Welt" which is a very great pagan sounding neo-folk song with a great amount of clean singing female vocals.

In my opinion this is a great compilation with alot of diversity and belongs in any fans neo-folk/dark ambient collection. RECEMMONDED BUY.

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