Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pagan Folk And Apocalyptic Psychedelia Kapitel I/Steinklang/2009 CD Review

This is a review of the compilation album "Pagan Folk and Apocalyptic Psychedelia Kapitel II" which was released by Steinklang and we are going to review the songs one by one.

Stormfagel upon up the disc with their song "Hall-lagan-klar!" which is avery dark sounding ambient song that has a very heavy industrial feel to it but retaining the neo-folk elements to create a truly original song with some tribal sounding drums and clean singing pagan vocals.

Frakmundt brings us "Wormer" which is a very great neo-folk song that has a very soft and relaxing feel to it and some very ancient sounding accordians.

Sturmpercht brings us "Die Teufelsieger" which is a very midpaced sounding neo-folk pagan song that really brings the fun to a party.

Allerseelen brings a heavier vibe to the compilation with their song "Wo ist das Leben" which has a heavy industrial edge to the guitar mixed in with alot of dark sounds and some folk elements to the music.

Wappenbund brings us "Licht ist Leben II" a song that mixes martial inductrial/dark ambient and neo-classical to create a very epic sounding song with some clean singing male and female choir singing.

Vinterriket brings us "Swwlenleere" which is a great mixture of dark ambient and neo-folk that has a heavy psychedelic feel to it.

Birch Book brings us "Feet Of Clay" which was a classic folk music feel to it with some harmonica playing.

Dannagischd bring's us Waldffuir" a neo-folk song that beings out the feel of the Dark Ages.

Larrnakh brings us "Delictum" which is a very great neo-folk song with alot of sorrowful melodies that are very ancient sounding.

Moon Far Away brings us "Deus amet puellam" a very good gothic/neo-folk song that has the feel of the Dark Ages.

Uruk-Hai brings us "does not glitter" which is a very epic and medienel sounding neo-classical song mixed with neo-folk with alot of darkness to it.

Atomtrakt brings us "Blut und Erde" which is a great martial/neo-classical song that has a very dark sound to it.

Hrefnesholt brings the compilation back to neo-folk with their song "Hexnfeia" and then after the neo-folk part it turns into a havy dark industrial song that has a very heavy black metal feel to it and then goes back to being Apocalyptic Folk.

Irij backs back the music to soft folk with her song "Vasilisa" which brings back memories of Slavis Gods and Goddesses.

Jannerwein brings us "Jede Stunde" which is a very great sounding medivel folk song.

Phase II brings us Sweet Lady Fair' that has a very classic progressive folk/rolk feel to it.

Miel Noir brings us "Honiggottin" which is a ver dark gothic/martial industrial song.

Le Testament De La Lumiere brings us "Retaliation" a very great and evil sounding Dark Ambient track.

Dead Man's Hill closes the compilation with "The Curse" which is a very great and ritualistic Dark Ambient/Death Industrial track.

In my opinion this is another great compilatation that is darker than the first one and a RECEMMONDED BUY.

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