Thursday, August 25, 2011

Forgotten Backyard Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the project for those that have never heard of you before?

Forgotten Backyard is a Experimental Dark Ambient project, born in January 2010. Forgotten Backyard includes and
combines reality and dreams to create a unique atmosphere. Goal of the project is to forge a unique atmosphere
of darkness, emptiness and paranoia. Forgotten Backyard offers a unique journey through emptiness and desolation.
This is the journey of a lost drifter who wants to find reason of existence and at the same time who wants to escape from the past.
But in this dark-skyed world he only finds emptiness and a silent horror.
This is in short, but you can always find more details about FB on official sites.

2. What is the musical sound that you are going for and how do you feel you have achieve it so far?

I want to create different sound styles, it depents how I feel about the album i'm making, and what concept it deals with,
my first two albums were not very detailet, they are rather empty,hollow and desolate just like their concepts. In future I
plan to use different sound styles, It all depends of what kind of concept I will use, so yeah I don't have a specific musical
sound that I strive for.

3. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the project's name?

The inspiration behind the name is modern world and industry. Our world is becoming one big factory, people don't care about the nature,
forests, seas, mountains, it's all about the money and industry, and that destroys the Earth. They build more and more cities, factories,
artificial islands, and that all belive it or not destroys our Earth, so soon Earth will become a forgotten backyard, full of machines,
garbage, metals and smoke, of course under polluted black sky. Forgotten Backyard (Project) is like a mirror that reflects all this modern darkness
and desolation.
"World became a forgotten backyard, under infinite black skies, destroyed by the man,
an Earth of Steel."
But, the project itself deals with other themes, like nature, emotions, abandoned places, cities, melancholy, horror etc...

4. Do you have any prior experience with other musical projects?

Forgotten Backyard is my first project, and I have never been a part of any other project.

5. Your album has been available for free download from Ambientaria Records, how would you describe the support that the label has given you so far?

I have joined Ambientaria Records just before Cerulean Wasteland came out, and I have to say it's much easier when you have label that helps you promote music,
build up social profiles, and generally spread the word about the artist, and Ambientaria Records is the right label for that kind of job! Unlike
many of amateur labels Ambientaria helps artist to promote themselves completely. The important thing is that Ambientaria Records offers high quality music, and
contacts the artist regularly in order to setisfy our wishes, give advices, so yes, Ambientaria isn't just a simple list of music like many of labels.
Quality is more important than Quantity.

6. How has your music been recieved so far by ritualistic/dark ambient fans worldwide?

Well, not all of my music is ritualistic, that's why I like to call FB Experimental Dark Ambient, I have never focused on the one Ambient type,
for instance my first album "la nuit eternelle" is not ritualistic at all, it's nature (autumn) inspired album with focus on silence and
melancholy with some industrial touch, and yet "cerulean wasteland" isn't fully ritualistic as well, so i'm not pure ritual ambient artist. But since you asked my first album
got very good reviews from what i've heard, so as my secund album.

7. What direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?

I'm currently working on new material, it should be different then my previous albums, more experimental industrial dark ambient
i'm going from empty and silent to much more detailed and shorter songs then my previous ones, darker and more melodic, and interesting
with touch of horror, melancholy and much more unique elements. So my future release will not be simple and empty/hollow as the previous ones, I will create
different type of darkness then on those albums. The journey continues.
I'm also making split album that will be very easy and light , abstract-spiritual
ambient for relaxation (I know, not really my style), but you will find all about it in time.

8. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?

I don't think I have any musical influences, I find the inspiration for my music in the world, and you can see on each album I make what my inspiration was to make it.

9. Where did you come up with the title for the new album?

"cerulean wasteland", that's hard question, It just fall on my mind just before it was released, cerulean - a shade of blue, greenish blue, in my case darker
blue, and wasteland, or desert. The original name of the album supposed to be "cerulean acacus" or "cerulean desert" but I changed my mind for some reason.
I've wanted to create wasteland experience, desolate with not much details.
the album is empty, dark and desolated, just like desert, with elements of ancient gods. It's unique wasteland, cold and hollow, hopelessness, in eternal night where
you can hear only howling wind sand and emptiness.

10. What role does Occultism or Paganism play in the music and how would you describe your views on those topics?

I'm familiar with both occultism and paganism, and I think those could come up in my future releases. I'm interested in both and have studied about
different kinds of occult, and about paganism,wicca, witchcraft.. At the moment they play no role in my music but that could always change.

11. Ouside of music, what are some of your interests?

I'm pretty busy with general life obligations, though I have many interests and hobbies, just not enough time to do them all :)

12.Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

Embrace the emptiness :)


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