Monday, August 8, 2011

Temnojar/Sieg/Echo Of Hyperborea/Der Wg zum Polarstn/Austrstiartili Records/Split CD Review

Temnojar and Sieg are both n.s black/dark ambient/neo-folk bands from Russia and this is a review of their split album "Echo Of Hyperborea/Der Wg zum Polarstn" which was released by Autistiartili Records.

Temnojar utilize alot of folk instruments such as a flute mixed with a synth that gives the music a medievel feel that mixes an ocassional use of clean singing pagan chants and there is some drum programming that calls up the pagan gods with their songs covering Slavic/Norse Mythologay and folklore as well as the legendary island Hyperborea which sank around the same time as Atlantis with the music having an Aryan/White Pride feel.

Sieg utilizes a synth and some drum programming that gives their music a dark ambient feel with some clean singing pagan chants and there are some harsh vocals that are spoken in Russian with a black metal influence and their music covers themes such as Norse/Slavic mythology and National Socialism, also at times there is a flute in the music that gives the music the feel of living in pre-christain times.

Production on the Temnojar side of the split which was recorded between the years of 1999 and 2002 at the Home Studio in Norilsk sounds very dark and powerful, while the Sieg side of the split which was recorded at W.A.R studio in Volograd has an avant garde.

In my opinion Temnojar and Sieg who had the best music on this split are 2 very good bands for this style of m usic and if you are a fan of such genres such as n.s black metal, dark or black ambient and neo-folk you should check out this split. RECOMMENDED TRACKS on the Temnojar side include "In Embrace Of The Magical Woods" and "The Legend". RECOMMENDED TRACKS on the Sieg side of the split include "Jotunheimr" and "Ostara". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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