Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lord Wind/Haralds Of Fight/No Colours Records/1996 CD Review

Lord Wind is a side project of Rob Darken best known for his work with black metal legends Graveland and this is his medievel pagan folk/ambient project and this is a review of their 2000 album "Haralds Of Fight" which was released by No Colours Records.

Drum programming sounds very tribal while the synths have an epic medievel feel that calls up the Norse and Slavic gods with an epic sound that reminds me of the classic warrior films and there are also alot of clean singing pagan chants throughout the album with some spoken word passages that summon up the gods.

The song titles are about Norse and Pagan gods mixed with an N.S ideology that wants to bring Europe back to it's ancient roots, while the production on this recording which was recorded in EF during the autums and winter of 1999/2000 sounds very professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this album.

In my opinion Lord Wind are a very good band and if you are a fan of medievel folk/ambient, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Gift OF Gods" "Without Mercy And Forgiveness" and "Gates OF Valhall". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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