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TeHOM Interview

1.Can you give us an update on what is going on with the musical project these days?

Project just released live album “Live Assault” through Cyclic Law (CD) and La Esencia Records (LP vinyl picture disc + bonus CD “Extra Assault”), recorded 2016 at huge Brutal Assault Festival and Keep Ambient Lodge in Czech Republic. Also working on new studio album and hopefully will be released until middle of 2018. On CD and LP version at Cyclic Law Records again.

2.Recently you have released that live album, how would you the musical sound that is presented on the recording?

Musical sound is like on the last album into ritual dark ambient.. The tracks here are slower than the original album versions to give an even more sense of ritual and repetition deeper sound. Also into tracks are some extra sounds I made with the tube instrument, and ofcourse my own vocals..

3.What are some of the themes and images you bring out with your musical sound?

TeHÔM's music recalls visions of ancient cultures, evoked by hypnotic, abstract and organic soundscapes wrapped in ritualistic and esoteric atmospheres. So that kind of images and themes are into it, mixed with ritual & spiritual realm ofcourse ..

4.I know that the band name is a Hebrew word for the primeval flood and also relates to Tiamat and Apsu in Babylonian Magick, how does this name fit in with the musical style you play?

TeHÔM was always related on that kind of atmosphere and historical moments.
TeHÔM is dark and perilous depth of everything existing, but also the creative potential of limitless power. Daring to enter TeHÔM i.e.Tiamat and kill the beast, as Marduk did in the Babylonian myth of creation, signifies the individuals' courage and wisdom to face all of the negative contents which bind his being. Literally the Deep or Abyss is exzakt what the right name fit in with the musical style TeHÔM is. 

5.In the beginning the band was a duo but is now a solo project, are you open to working with other musicians again in the future?

Yeah, could be possible.. but much better working alone now.. On the beginning my friend who died was alone in the project, I helped him on 2nd album with some sounds and that things.. Ofcourse possible working with someone on some extra project.. but not so much extra time. Also I have in plan maybe opening one new project for more deeper ambient and field recording stuff.. it is in preparation, we will see what will happen. All depends about time because so much work around TeHÔM and other stuff. I have already received several similar requests for collaboration with other artists, but simply lack of time does not allow this to happen.But ofcourse I'm honored always when someone sends such a thing ..

6.The project was put on hold for several years, what was the decision behind the reformation?

I always wanted to offer a “new” and fresh interesting ideas in the field of dark ritual ambient and experimental soundscapes, in the same vein as TeHÔM was and continuing on from where it stopped ’97 from last making material (who was released 3 years after 2000). With new level and approach to the music, new story and ofcourse new label(s) for all that. I want people remember album(s) and some track inbetween thousends of others today what is really hard but for this is important music in your mind.
The idea drop out somewhere 2007 when I got up firstly with TeHÔM’s MySpace page and put the player with old tracks. The whole time I had vision in my mind was that this project should continue acting and music publishing, and even have a live audio-video presentation when the opportunity arises, because my friend Siniša, who died ’97, could not do it and would certainly have liked to continue and do. Among other things that I made for our friendship who are always happy to remember, and therefore Siniša’s spirit. Decision at no time was not only difficult what was difficult was remembering some bad moments of his hard illness. But the glory of this, and from all that came the new TeHÔM music that I'm proud and I'm sure Siniša would be to.

7.The band was one of the first dark ambient groups in Croatia, do you feel you have had a lot of influence on the later Croatian dark ambient acts?

Many people know for TeHÔM ofcourse through some pages, informations and playing around; internet and facebook help here a lot, but not many new projects exist in this direction, actually I do not know for any other right now. It is closed scene and to her coming only people who really care for music and are open-minded.. Actualy croatian dark ambient and industrial scene is very small, not so much people making that stuff... maybe 2-3 projects I know but this isn’t exact direction to dark ambient, more into any kind of obscure dark sound. Best of them was Kerovnian, which released music for Cold Spring, UK label. But not sure if they still exist, they were present from 1999-2001 with 2 albums. Also one more band named Zagrob, released album for french occult-ritual ambient & industrial label Athanor.

8.What are some of the best shows that you have played so far and also how would you describe your stage performance?

Wave Gotik Treffen Festival 2015. It was definitely best Festival I ever was played, very professional attitude and big contract TeHÔM ever get. All items to the last little things are included in the contract, and all complied with to the last. I was there 5 days and I have met many interesting people and artists. The crowd there is amazing, people from all over the world come to enjoy the alternative music of all kinds and celebrate alltogether. The organizers are very professional and keep an eye on all the things, similar to great Wroclaw Industrial Festival in Poland and Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic, but this is even bigger. It was a great pride to play at such a top-notch Festival. Also I am very happy that I saw there last time John Murphy (SPK, Last Dominion Lost) and talked with him a lot in the backstage of Moritzbastei club where we performing together. He was really an extraordinary man and legendary artist, he liked TeHÔM very much from beginning, first album, and this “Live Assault” album is dedicated just to him.
Today I manage music mainly with the computer and some controller, keyboard.  Programs I use from time to time are: Sony Acid, Ableton Live, etc. With Ableton I use Akai APC40 controller, a very useful machine for composing, arrangements and especially for live shows, then one simple Evolution MK-249C2 midi keyboard-controller and couple of good VST synths. For live shows I have computer, an external soundcard NI Audio Kontrol 1, Edirol FireWire FA-101, microphone, some extern effects, tibetan singing bowl, spring tubes for making drone sounds live, then mentioned Akai APC40 controller, one Akai small LPK25 keyboard, etc. Improivising with my vocal and extra sounds in effects on original tracks.

9.Do you have any touring or show plans for the future?

Will be some shows until end of  2017 and 2018. First one confirmed is 18.11.2017 in Norway at Blåsvart Aften Vol.9 together with legendary italian act New Risen Throne, norvegian Svartsinn, probably Frederic from Cyclic Law records, and like special norvegian guests Northaunt and Taphephobia, etc.. 2018 will be also some shows, one of them is at big czech well known 2-days festival “Hradby Samoty” at castle Rošice near Brno with some interesting acts like Treha Sektori, etc. And still few other possible gigs in 2018 for sure.

10.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of ritual, industrial and dark ambient?

It is really good nowdays. TeHÔM is oldschool project and from beginning it was a good interraction inbetween fans and music. From before 20 years ago so much changed and actualy nothing is the same, internet time, marketing, different channels and ways of selling and promoting your music, much more projects, labels and all. So much things around what this makes all very different time. But TeHÔM always had their own audience still from ’96 when people lisetn 1st album which someone described like “ritualistic esoteric music”  whatever it means, but it sounds good to attract a wider range of people!  Ofcourse with new 3rd album TeHÔM collect some new fans and listener of genres you mentioned above. Labels are really imporrtant for this whole picture today, and I think Cyclic Law label (Frederic Arbour) and now La Esencia (David Garcia Carmona), where nice 1st vinyl release was out, are really strong labels for making nice work with them and good promotion they gave. I’m proud working with them, they have very nice artists on labels. So I’m sure in the future fans will grow and new people coming listen TeHÔM stuff..

11.Where do you see yourself heading into as a musician in the future?

I see myself as an artist making quality music, whether it's for CD / LP albums or for a movie or installation / exhibition. Sometimes present live in a concerts, audio-visual shows.

12.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

My influence coming already from middle of 80’s and was for sure always mentioned Lustmord’s “Paradise Disowned” and all stuff after that, S.P.K. “Zamia Lehmanni” (both albums released ’86 for great label Side Effects from Brian Lustmord and both legendary albums and ofcourse I like also all around S.P.K. “Auto Da-Fe” era.
Then older Current 93 stuff and all around very cult Marc Monin’s great label “L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antireciords” with almost all amazing releases at that time, Coil older stuff and also one of my bigest influence Test Dept.project still from middle of 80’s when I saw them 1st time in Zagreb.
Ofcourse until nowadays ambient and experimental stuff from family label Cyclic Law, then Malignant Records, La Esencia Records, Aural Hypnox Records and projects, legendary Cold Meat Industry records stuff, Cryo Chamber great newer ambient and field recording cinematic music label to, etc. Also some electronic sound like latest Clock DVA stuff, is good comeback for Adi in couple of last 5-6 years. Like I heard his new T.A.G.C. upcoming album is also in preparation and it is good news, I like many stuff from these 2 projects from long time ago. 

13.How would you describe your views on Occultism and Philosophy?

I'm not so hard into occultism, I read some books and investigated but I'm not intensive practicioner. My friend ex-TeHÔM member Siniša was a part of it but also not so so much practicioner, reading a lot.. .

14.What are some of your non musical interests?

Not so much time left for some other non-musical interests, but I like traveling sometimes, goin’ to mountains, going on concerts, exhibitions, audio-video instalations and events, etc..
Otherwise I have still one project from the 90’s named Principia Audiomatica with whom released ’95 a CD album for the legendary Italian experimental & electronic label Minus Habens Records. I have released new album 20 years after 1st one for french label Unknown Pleasures rec. I was also a Dj in various croatian and european clubs, where playing industrial, ebm, alter electronic of 80’s, until techno stuff, etc. Have also my own club programe “Art & Strategy” with those kind of music, working occasionaly in some places and clubs in Zagreb.

15.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?

Thanks for the offer to your readers say something about TeHÔM project, the past, present and future plans. So, follow the TeHÔM news, music, concert performances and more. Much is being prepared.
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