Friday, June 29, 2018

калуђер Interview

 1. For those who have never heard of you, can you talk a bit about the music project? 
1. калуђер was born initially as a dungeon synth project almost a year ago, when I learned about the genre on bandcamp and listening to Old Tower, the main source of inspiration for the project; lately along with the dungeon synth music, I wanted to insert elements of extreme metal mainly inspired by groups like Portal (most likely will come out something of this kind of music with калуђер), known thanks to my dear friend.

2. How would you describe your musical sound? 

2. My sound draws mainly from distant times (mainly fourteenth-century and Renaissance medieval) and natural landscapes (like forests, mountains) but also from esotericism, legends and magic.   3. Your work is inspired by the writings of J. R. Tolkien, can you tell us something more about your interest in this author?3. Let's say that everything started when I first read the Lord of the Rings; from then on I start a period of interest in fantasy literature mainly that then influenced the music (I had a period in which I mainly listened to power metal), still the Rhapsody of Fire are one of my favorite groups (I stopped being interested to their albums after the release of the guitarist Luca Turilli). Later Tolkien's books are the only literature of fantasy genre that I can support (I'm reading in recent times one of the last posthumous books out where all his letters are collected), also because behind his books there is just a historical, philological and linguistic research. 

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name "Kanjhep"? 
4. калуђер is a person who has chosen to follow a monastic and eremitical life in search of a lost spirituality and a search for itself; despite the main issues this can also be considered as a project of social criticism on the fact that today the world does not allow people to stop for a moment to meditate and look inside themselves (in my opinion spirituality can be an aid to meditation), a theme dear to me and that I try to include in all my projects. I chose the name in Serbian because I really love the languages ​​and the culture of the countries of Eastern Europe.

5. With this project, record all by yourself, are you open to working with other musicians or do you prefer to work alone?
5. For my solo projects I record all by myself, the only collaborations are split with other artists; I had and I currently have experiences with bands of various musical genres, even if for a while I chose not to do group experiences anymore.  

6. Recently, in which a part of a division with 'Il Cinghiale', what are your thoughts on the other musical project that had participated in the recording? 
6. With Valerio (the one who hides behind the Boar) we have known each other for a few years and, knowing each other, we have discovered that we have shared musical interests, and this is where our collaboration came from; I have always loved Valerio's music and other projects (especially his last solo album) and, when I can, I try to be present at his concerts. 

7. On the world level, how were the feedbacks to your music from the fans of the synth dungeon?
7. Being a new project калуђер, I received little attention, however, the comments were always positive and I always accepted the advice that gave me the most experienced lovers of this genre.  

8. What is happening with your other musical projects? 
8. My solo projects are 3: Kluisenaar, Infector http: // and калуђер (in order of creation). Kluisenaar is the main project: with it I deal with experimental music and sound research and now I'm working on a new album with the participation of other musicians always in experimental but completely different from previous works (I do not want to say more to avoid ruining the surprise); Infector http: // is a vaporwave music project, with which I have experimented on all the sub-genres of it, but now I think it is a closed project. I am currently producing a pop and an electronic music album as well as working as a guitarist with a songwriter and a show. I also compose music for films and I am an active member of the Collettivo Solchi Sperimentali by Antonello Cresti, 

9. Where do you see yourself going to music in the future? 
9. I hope to find a job in the music field to be able to support myself. 

10. What are some bands or musical styles that influence your music and also what are you listening to nowadays? 
10. My musical influences are really too many and come from all kinds. Surely my main influences come from my guitar teacher Anthony Sidney (guitarist of the Italian jazz-rock group Perigeo and great classical music composer), then surely by Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and Riccardo Marasco (traditional Florentine songwriter), Edgard Varese and various musical genres such as blues (Robert Johnson is one of my favorite guitarists), jazz fusion music, Renaissance music, baroque and contemporary classical; for Kluisenaar I can quote F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay (a great friend with whom I had the honor of playing live a short time ago), Steve Reich, Juri Camisasca and Franco Battiato; for Infector http: // Blank Banshee, Oneohtrix Point Never, Dj Shadow and Igorrr; for калуђер Old Tower, Rhapsody Of Fire, Portal, Jim Kirkwood, Renaissance / Baroque music and Gregorian chant. The musical influences come also from the artists (friends and not) with whom I came into contact as the projects of friends Valerio Orlandini, Zabuba Nevresky, Andrea Guerriero Edoardo Pistolesi and many others. I am currently listening to various groups: many compilations of vaporwave and dungeon synth but also very jazz of Pat Metheny and Weather Report, I have just finished listening to the discography of Death, Cynic and Mr. Bungle, very alternative metal and nu metal, King Crimson and djent. 

11. What are some of your non-musical interests? 
11. My non-musical interests are to read a lot, to fish, to go hiking (unfortunately I can make very few of them lately) and to ride a bike (this last activity helps me to relax a lot).

12. Before concluding this interview, do you have any words or final thoughts?
12. Definitely. I want to thank not only those who support my music but who support experimental and underground music in general, listening to it, buying it and making it known to friends or on facebook, I also want to appeal to listeners and composers of any musical genre: do not stop to a single genre or to a few musical genres but expand your knowledge because the inspiration for any kind of music can come from any kind of music and never stop experimenting on your music even inserting musical elements that are not similar to the genre you do. Finally thanks for the interview and for listening to my music.  

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